Vices Jamie Johnson

"The world we live in today with its digital cameras and iPhones, everyone is a photographer, I find that photography is losing its artistic vision and beauty. As a photographer and a photography collector, I often find myself obsessed with old cameras and old techniques. I like to challenge myself by trying new cameras and new ideas using the amazing history of photography. I find myself using my digital camera only for work these days and otherwise working strictly with vintage cameras and film.  

This series “Vices”   was photographed with a wet plate collodion process that I feel illustrated the magical innocence of youth alongside the darker recesses of human nature. A vintage perspective on childhood, punishments with a little humor.”

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On the Otherside Series by Christoph Sevcnikar

A mirror provides the most common model for specular light reflection, and typically consists of a glass sheet with a metallic coating where the reflection actually occurs. Reflection is enhanced in metals by suppression of wave propagation beyond their skin depths. Reflection also occurs at the surface of transparent media, such as water or glass.

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Devendra Banhart and Ana Kras. The story goes that she was assigned to photograph him and upon their meeting, within the first five minutes, he proposed. They’ve been together ever since.

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